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Florida read the pick 3 predictions carefully. 416 repeated in exact order few days ago. They have played 882, 883 and 885 to rap around the double play 416. the missing game there will be 884 and 886. For the respect of these pattern we are going to have the last two in the predictions. The real picture here is the relative of 416 that repeated. All those order games are decoy. The relative of 416 is 882 and the reverse calculation will be 623. Note that they played 239 which is related to 623 which could be used to replace the 623 . All these apart, the eye has to remain on the ball which is 882. The key prediction is 882 and the reverse order will be 623. Those two are the most important games here with major emphasis on 882.
The key predictions remain 882. Florida lottery have not looked this good in a long time.
If it is not from lottery examiners, maybe it is not solid.
Good luck

please note that Florida played 747 this afternoon. In certain cases the house(Florida lottery) can shift certain numbers but in this case the sum total is the same. If you add the key prediction above 882, you will get a sum total of 18 and if you add the result 747 you will arrive at the same 18. this means that the above calculation zones in there. The real question is whether the rest of the calculation will change based on 747 and the answer is yes. For more information as well as predictions for other states go to

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